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BennuGD for KOS 2.X (and more!)

BennuGD for KOS 2.X (and more!)
Nota: Escribiré esta noticia en inglés para darle mayor impacto a la scene Dreamcastera, y está dedicada al gran Chui smile

If you remember Dreamers, Fenix is the codename for a GNU project to create a free compiler for a scripting language derived from the one created by Hammer Technologies for the game development suite, DIV Games Studio. It was superseded by BennuGD, a revision of Fenix language fixing bugs and adding more properties.

Three years ago, some colombian guys ported BennuGD to Dreamcast... but time passed fast and this port needed an upgrade. So... I took a look and here it is: an upgrade of BennuGD for our beloved console! bigsmile

This new build is compatible with KOS 2.x, and has been build with SDL 1.2.13, SDL_Mixer 1.2.12, libpng 1.6.18 and freetype 2.6. It plays MOD music again (without any need of mod_dream), and it has support for 2 pads. Additionaly, it includes the extra "mod_ttf" for free... ;D

But what kind of news this would be without games, huh? Hey, you're right so... what about 3 new games, with source code included?? Yay, let's see them!!!

PixPang 2.2

Wait!! You're cheating Indiket, it's not new!! ... Not exactly xD . Yes, it's the same but now has been adapted to BennuGD, and also fixed important bugs, so it should be even better! High five! bigsmile

Download PixPang 2.2 for DC


This is a classic guys, the original fighting game demo of the DIV Studio, now into your Dreamcast! It's not as good as Street Fighter, and unfortunately it has some serious bugs (also happens in other BennuGD platforms due to Bennu conversion) but still, an interesting demo!!

Download Fostiator for DC


Last but not least, we have Helioball. It is another tech demo of DIV, for 1 or 2 players, that consist to control a spaceship and try to score galactic goals. Be warned, CPU is hard as hell bigsmile bigsmile bigsmile

Download HelioBall for DC

Enjoy this new opportunity for the Sega Dreamcast, and let's see new homebrew coming!!

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