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The DCEric Show with... Sonic Adventure

The DCEric Show with... Sonic Adventure
Our friend Eric wrote:

Well if you didn't know already I am the guy who does the SD Compatible videos but I also do a review show called The DCeric Show. For years I have been a fan of the Sega Dreamcast and i know a lot of coders and people who visit this site are to. I also know that a lot of people are big fans of Sonic so here it is one of my most favorite videos at the moment.

Prepare yourself for my next episode: Sonic Adventure reviewed by me. I did a lot of work on this video and I hope you guys really appreciate what i did for this one.

Thanks m8!!

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  • alexislight
    esta bueno! es una pena q no tenga subtitulos en español! quizas alguien pueda agregarselos desde youtube!
    - July 30 2012 00:03:56
    • panteric
      Thanks for your compliments Alex. I wish i could some how offer the video in the Spanish language. However i don't speak the great language of Spanish and I hope i can still offer some great videos to the country of Spain. Prepare for some awesome videos not only dedicated to Dreamcast but others as well.

      Please subcribe to www.youtube.com/dceric for upcoming videos so you'll be ready to watch them.
      - July 31 2012 19:19:06
      • J
        Thanks for your job, it's so unusual today to see reviews of old but great games.
        - August 01 2012 09:19:01
        • panteric
          I have a good history with retro games. I play the odd new game but i keep going back to the games i enjoyed growing up with. I feel if you share important facts and history about games more people will enjoy what they see in the videos. Some people have history they like to share as well. Lets keep retro gaming alive and fun for everyone.
          - August 01 2012 17:52:41
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