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SEGA no ha vuelto a crear consolas desde Dreamcast.
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alex14 year hace#2670
About reloading.
On video, runs piracy CD disk. GD disks are started without reloading.
kadorna114 year hace#2669
Pretty cool. Any chances of getting it on a disc like the region changer disc with some EASY hardware modifications?
alex14 year hace#2668
you can find it here:
alex14 year hace#2667
It's not original dev-box BIOS
It is hacked HKT0120 dev-box BIOS v1.011.01
In fact, now it is standard BIOS, but with loading as at HKT0120.
you can find it here:
alex14 year hace#2666
In fact it is an ordinary dreamcast, having on board two BIOS, original MaskRom + rewritable FlashRom,
console can work both on original and on modified BIOS, at any time, you can switch between the
kadorna114 year hace#2665
ME TOO!!!!
Blai14 year hace#2664
I want more info about that bios mod!!!
Neoblast14 year hace#2663
Humm nice news, by the way does it have to reset everytime you play a game from the menu?
Gromber14 year hace#2662
si pudiera resucitar mi dream con algo de esto...
Indiket14 year hace#2661
alex, really nice news smile
about the dev-box bios, can you just "upload" to a dreamcast without having to soldering?
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