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Peyton Manning broke the Madden NFL 24

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Peyton Manning broke the Mut 24 coins Madden NFL 24 record for passing touchdowns during a season when he scored four touchdowns in the Denver Broncos'win over the Houston Texans in Week 16.Manning is now throwing 51 touchdown passes for the season,making him the second highest passer behind Tom Brady and the 50 touchdown passes he completed in 2007 for players from the New England Patriots.

Like Brady in 2007's record-breaking season,Manning's dazzling season could earn him Madden NFL 24 MVP awards.Manning has already been awarded MVP honors four times in his career,and is widely considered to be the favourite to repeat the honor a fifth time.Manning is currently averaging 5.211 yards in total passing during the season and has thrown only 10 interceptions in addition to the record-breaking number of touchdowns.

The most impressive thing about Manning's 51 touchdowns is how spread out they've been.Demaryius Thomas Julius Thomas,Eric Decker and Wes Welker all have at minimum 10 touchdown receptions.In 2007 only Randy Moss had double-digit touchdown catch for the Patriots,with 23 on the season.

The Broncos have already secured a playoff bid and are currently trying to keep the Patriots at bay for the number.1 overall seed in the AFC and home-field advantage in the playoffs.If all goes well,Manning hopes to secure the second Super Bowl title of his career.

In this stream Madden NFL 24 scores,Week 16 live coverage including highlights,highlights,and more.is likely to take a"long slump to cause Dak Prescott to get substituted with Tony Romo Manning breaks Brady's record of passing TDs Romo throws late touchdown to give Cowboys victory.View all 74 stories of Madden NFL 24 news roundup:Geno Smith is still the starting quarterback,Madden NFL 24 admits officiating mistake

After being sacked during the madden 24 coins for sale game on Sunday,there was some concerns about regarding whether Geno Smith would remain the primary quarterback for the team in New York.This speculation was put in the past--at least for the moment--on Monday when news broke that Smith will continue to be New York's primary quarterback.
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