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Typing of the Dead es un juego basado en The House of The Dead en que debes matar zombies tecleando palabras.

Deathverse is a game of two jarring, contradicting halves

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From the off, you just know that Deathverse: Let It Die is going to be a trip. It opens with a huge, gaudy, swinging show-tune number, proclaiming the game’s intent as a funky Death Jamboree. It’s a banger and worth the storage space just to hear it. And the game could be too, for the most part, save a few pretty egregious missteps.

You start by creating your character by selecting from a bunch of options in the character creator, and following that – you are thrust into a tutorial that takes you through the basics of movement and combat. Deathverse: Let it Die is entirely based around close-range combat through melee weapons, and you have your general assortment of light, heavy, and special attacks. There’s also a shield that has a limited capacity for blocking attacks, and once that limit exceeds – you are momentarily stunned which leaves you open to critical attacks. You can also dodge, dash, and jump – and chaining your regular attacks with these movements opens up even more avenues for attacking your adversaries. In addition to this, there are a couple of special perks that you can pick up from the battlefield to get an edge over your opponents in combat.

The aspect of Deathverse: Let it Die that smacks you immediately is a toxic cocktail of world, tone, and humour that mix into a devilish drink: a Bloody Mary with actual blood. You’re greeted by two gold-plated presenters of the Death Jamboree, who instil in your the importance of fighting with style and taking out other players with as much pizzaz as possible. This reflects in the core gameplay of Deathverse — as taking out enemies with flamboyancy and dashing from fight-to-fight rather, than surviving conservatively, is what enhances your combat potential.

Matches play out in a familiar enough fashion. You spawn with a little breathing room, allowing you to grab a Sub-Skill (typically explosives, debuffs, or distraction techniques) and some charge from a Power Pod for your Main Skill. These are specific to the weapon you’ve chosen, and there are currently five categories with three variations of each, consisting of a machete, katana, hammer, mechanical arms, and a buzzsaw.

The maps themselves are also pretty distinct, both in form and function. Furthermore, the level geometry of different maps is well suited to a particular strategy. For instance, a particular map might have plenty of cover – so using stealth to pass out the time might be a better option for that situation. On the other hand, a second map might lend itself very well to aerial takedowns because it has a lot of verticality in its geometry. All in all, there’s decent variety amongst the maps. But you don’t get the option to select which maps you want to queue for, which can become frustrating after a while.

There’s also a crafting system, which acts as your primary method of obtaining new weapons and forces you to go out in the world and collect resources while surviving the onslaught of incoming players. You can typically find them in boxes or scattered around the world, or via bonus packages, but either way I never found it too distracting or frustrating to acquire the pieces I needed.

Deathverse is a game of two jarring, contradicting halves; the psychedelic presentation and anarchic spirit of this contender to the battle royale throne is coupled with some of the worst monetization in a game in recent memory. If you’re the sort of player who doesn’t care for the social aspect of multiplayer gaming, there’s a lot of fun to be had here – and it looks like it’ll only get better.

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