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Panera64 - english Version?

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i would love to use your emulator for C64 Games because it's the best one avaiable. Problem is, i don't understand spanish. :( Is there also an english version somewhere?

thanks a lot for your attention ...
Thanks a lot for your reply...

i spotted this entry before, but it's also just a spanish version. :/
I read on another news site, that a spanish and english version was released and other languages were planned. But i don't know if that is actually true.

Also spotted this video... I wrote the upoader, but no reply for now. :(

I'm not deep in programming/recompiling... Would that mean a lot of work for you or is it handleable? Maybe it's also possible to add SD Support? That would be even better! But of course, i would also be grateful with just a recompiled version in english...

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon. :)
Hi pr3ston, thanks for writting here at dreamcast.es! :)

Its been a while, but here's some info that might be of your interest:

Ron's port is based on DreamFrodo 0.94 (dunno if its the same version). How it works:
- Put binary and your uncompress roms (D64 format) in the same folder.
- Build it with Bootdreams
- With START, you access to the general emu menu. The virtual keyboard appears with X button.

If there is interest, I can try to use last version and recompile it again with latest KOS... :)

Hello and thanks...

Sadly this is DreamFrodo. At least in english but only the an old version, Panera is been made of. :/ Panera is more advanced, so i would love to use that emulator. :/
Searching on Google I founded this web, which contains the dreamcast version, probably this version will be in English: http://frodo.cebix.net/

PD: Sorry for my bad English
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