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El grupo japonés liderado por Hideki Sato, asentó que el procesador que utilizarían en Dreamcast seria un Hitachi SH4.

Matterrun (formerly Project SSR) is released!

Última actualización en 5 años hace
Matterrun, the game formerly known as Project SSR, has been released! Grab it from the Fuseki Games website at http://atari.vg-network.com/fuseki and give it a try! Feel free to send me feedback on how you like the game or if you find any bugs, either here or at the Fuseki Games email- gamesbyfusekiATgmailDOTcom

Thanks to Indiket (especially for his work on the Dreamcast port of BennuGD), Ryo Suzuki (for all of his help with the Fenix-to-BennuGD conversion, and his support), pcwizrd13, and everyone else who supported and/or showed interest during the development of this game. I hope you enjoy it!



Congratulations Fuseki!! Its a really good game and also, a good example of what BennuGD can do on the Dreamcast :)

As you have seen, your game is already newsed ;)
Awesome! Thanks for the story and the support!
Ryo Suzuki
You're welcome.

I am wondering what you can do in the future with this BennuGD. If you worked with Fenix I looking forward for new games dev from scratch thinking in this Bennu (640x480, etc)

Good game, thank you so much!
I'm already working on my next game. Hopefully it won't take as long between games this time as it did with Primitive Nightmare and Matterrun. It's BennuGD from now on instead of Fenix!
Ryo Suzuki

If I can help just let me know.
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