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Fenix 0.84b CVS VMU saving

Última actualización en 6 años hace
Hey Indiket... I recently got my game engine to run under your new build of BennuGD for Dreamcast, but there are some bugs that I'm having a hard time fixing (mainly with rand() ), so I decided to stick with 0.84b CVS 2008 for this particular game. It runs fine under that build, and I'll just leave it for now. My other game will use BennuGD for Dreamcast, though.

My question is, do you remember how to utilize VMU saving using the 2008 CVS build of 0.84b? I tried using fread/fwrite/fopen/fclose, but it tries to save the file to the CD and my game crashes on the Dreamcast. I *know* it works somehow, because I got it to work years ago. I just don't remember how to do it. I looked at the source code for 0.84b CVS, but I couldn't find the particular function that handles VMU saving.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: I've got it sorted. Use save() and load(), and the path '/vmu/a1/' with a filename. Thanks to Chui for his help!
Hey Fuseki, glad you managed to solve it!! :D :D . And thanks again to post it for all of us!!

About the rand issue, did you init the seed before using random? I think you have to include "mod_rand", and then call rand_seed with the argument as the seed (timestamp should be a good one). Then, just call rand_std with the MIN and MAX value of the random value.

I did try rand_seed, but maybe I did it wrong. How would I use timestamp as the argument?
Good question, hmm with "mod_time" you have two functions:
- time: Returns INT with current time from 1970.
- ftime: Timestamp can be formated (probably you don't need it).

Take a look here:
Got it. I'll give time() a try. This line from the wiki says it all: " It is also useful in rand_seed(), to have 'more randomness'."

Thanks again!
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