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La primera consola de 128 bits en ponerse a la venta fue Dreamcast.

Mr Nutz (2) on Dreamcast

Última actualización en 5 años hace
Hello Guys,

Here the news in french : http://dreamcast-news.blogspot.com/20...ur-dc.html

Do you remember this game which was released on 1994 on Megadrive and Super Nintendo ?

Philippe Dessoly, the Graphic Artist of the game, has just released a poll to know if a new episode could interest people

https://www.facebook.com/philippe.desso ... =1&theater

He would like to release this new episode on Steam/Xbox/PSN/PC/ and... Super Nintendo !

Jun Misugi ask him if a Dreamcast version could be release, he told him :

"I didn't know there are still new releases on Dreamcast. I will see what we can do"

So Guys, post a message on his Facebook page to show your support for a Dreamcast version please


https://www.facebook.com/philippe.desso ... =1&theater


The poll is here.


Please, tick the "Carrement ! on commence quand ?" answer and post a message about a Dreamcast version.

Thank you guys !


Please, tick the "Carrement ! on commence quand ?" answer and post a message about a Dreamcast version.

Did it!

Thanks for show us (y)
done :)
Great !
Share. :)
Kickstarter for DC (& SNES & MD) : http://dreamcast-news.blogspot.com/2015/06/mr-nutz-2-confirme.html !!
Hasami Age
Son muy buenas noticias que la Dreamcast quiere jugar. :P
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