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Fuseki needs an artist for new game!

Última actualización en 8 años hace
Hello all! I'm looking for an artist to do some TRON-like sprites for my upcoming game. All of the art is laid out in the game, but I'm using free placeholder sprites for now until I can find someone willing to create some original art for it. I say TRON-like because I'm not doing a fan-game, but I'd like to have some artwork that is futuristic and abstract like the recent Tron: Legacy movie. The art I need is 16-bit, and will entail not only enemies, but powerups and obstacles as well. If you can do backgrounds as well (the backgrounds are tiled 100x100 sprites due to memory considerations), that would be a great plus.

Please contact me at fuseki@lavabit.com if you are willing to help, and I'll send you more details! Thanks!
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