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0.84b 2008 CVS questions

Última actualización en 12 year hace
FusekiMiembro Júnior
Publicado 12 year hace
Ok... I downloaded the Fenix 0.84 CVS 2008 binary and tools from here, and can get my code to run on my computer. The problem is, I cannot seem to get the CD binary to boot in my Dreamcast. Here is what Ive tried so far:

1. Using the FXI.bin, I've pointed my IP.bin to it, renamed my DCB to fenix.dat, and put all of my data files into the CD root. I created the disc, without scrambling the binary. When the disc boots, it will show the SEGA screen then constantly reset the Dreamcast.

2. Same as above, but this time I scrambled the binary. The SEGA screen shows up, then blank screen without running my code.

Do I rename the FXI.bin to 1st_boot.bin? Is it supposed to be scrambled? Here is a listing of the CD root directory:

10/31/2006  10:59 PM            64,792 1.wav
11/29/2006  01:39 PM             7,092 10.wav
07/07/1999  04:30 PM            86,486 11.wav
07/06/1999  05:11 PM            41,918 12.wav
12/21/2006  07:24 PM            84,170 13.wav
12/21/2006  06:56 PM            48,494 14.wav
12/21/2006  07:36 PM            12,982 15.wav
12/21/2006  07:39 PM            28,702 16.wav
12/29/2006  08:25 PM            31,102 17.wav
12/29/2006  08:13 PM            60,868 18.wav
12/30/2006  04:05 AM            31,270 2.wav
12/30/2006  04:05 AM            34,962 3.wav
10/31/2006  11:00 PM            13,272 4.wav
10/31/2006  10:52 PM            14,746 5.wav
10/31/2006  10:53 PM            16,624 6.wav
12/30/2006  04:07 AM            30,900 7.wav
12/20/2006  10:28 PM            43,916 8.wav
07/06/1999  03:20 PM             6,530 9.wav
01/08/2010  05:34 AM         1,032,491 assets.fpg
04/07/1999  06:54 PM           327,322 cat.s3m
09/18/1998  11:22 PM           221,856 faceless.s3m
10/28/2007  09:50 PM             8,381 font.fnt
08/30/1998  12:43 PM           216,816 kuristus.s3m
03/28/1998  02:31 AM           303,524 p-a-y.s3m
07/30/1998  01:31 PM           260,259 stnxster.s3m
08/21/1998  06:25 PM           112,403 tco-life.s3m
06/23/2011  02:29 PM            68,412 fenix.dat
06/23/2011  02:35 PM            32,768 IP.BIN
06/23/2011  02:35 PM         1,229,764 fxi.bin

Does anyone see anything wrong here? I'd really like to get this to work so I can implement VMU high score saving. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Just tried it with the FSL.bin, with the XML pointing to game/game.dcb, and I still get the Dreamcast constantly rebooting...
Editado por Fuseki en 03-07-2011 20:08, 12 year hace
Publicado 12 year hace
Hey Fuseki, nice to see you again! :D

I suppose that you donwloaded this version:

OK, here there are a few notes to use this version of Fenix:

- You must include the data folder in the root of the CD. It contains all images and fanfare to use the menu. You can change any of the images from there.
- Also, you have to create an exec folder, and inside it put your game (create a new folder, like the examples).
- The fenix.xml file defines the number of games. If you only define one game, then Fenix will launch immediately your game. If there are more than one, it shows the GUI menu.

If you want to contact me by MSN, just drop me a PM :)

FusekiMiembro Júnior
Publicado 12 year hace
Ok... as a test, I redownloaded the "categories" version, and burned that using BootDreams. It'll boot, but it freezes at the SEGA screen. Hmmm...

EDIT: ok... I think I figured it out. The binary MUST be scrambled in order to work. I was able to get the BENCH disc to start. Now to try my code...

EDIT #2: replaced the TEST and BENCH directories with my own, edited the XML, created the CD, and now the Dreamcast doesn't recognize the CD as a game CD. Grrr....
Editado por Fuseki en 03-07-2011 21:11, 12 year hace
FusekiMiembro Júnior
Publicado 12 year hace
Ok... got it to boot and work just fine. My old Primitive Nightmare code crashes when you start a game, though. Wonder if it's a bit unstable yet, or if it's just my crappy code...
Publicado 12 year hace
It can be just both options hehe. Can you put any output error? You can use an emulator to see that :)
FusekiMiembro Júnior
Publicado 12 year hace


Indiket ha escrito:

It can be just both options hehe. Can you put any output error? You can use an emulator to see that :)

I'll have to run it through NullDC and see what the output it, but I have a feeling that there's a problem with playing s3m files. I'll have to test it more when I get home, but it crashes once the music starts. Another theory is that the Dreamcast is running out of memory; maybe this release uses more? I'll run some more tests when I get home.

Thanks for all of the help. dreamcast.es is already on the credits screen ("Thanks to" section) of my next game :)
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