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El grupo japonés liderado por Hideki Sato, asentó que el procesador que utilizarían en Dreamcast seria un Hitachi SH4.

¿Es posible al puerto este clon de PSP Minecraft?

Última actualización en 9 años hace
Ok, mi espanol no es bueno.

Estas clon de Minecraft por la PSP aqui.


Es posible puerto la Dreamcast?

Arrepentido para mi espanol malo, yo soy tejano. :|
Hey Anthony817, nice to see you here :D

I took a quick look on this game (Lamecraft), seems interesting!
Let me talk about some points:

- I don't know how many requirements it needs. But if that runs on PSP FAT, I think that it fits into the 16MB of RAM. I saw some videos of it, and I think the DC can manage that quite well.

- About compiling, I saw that it uses PSP SDK. It doesn't use any general library like SDL, so it needs a conversion to KOS (ie. KOS + PVR) or other library (at least, the Draw functions).

- It also uses other libraries, but they are already into DC (-lpng, -lz). It's made with C++, so there should be no extra problems.

IMHO, our best bet is wait for anyone that ports this game into Windows (SDL / Allegro). Who has what it takes to do it? :)
Oh thanks for the info. Yeah, I think this would be excellent for the Dreamcast. It is really such a nice game. ;)
anyone given a whirl at porting it? i think its a great idea! :D
Minecraft is a very popular game, so I think it would be great to have a DC version of this homebrew clone-game :)
Hi, I'm new here. I'd like to get into DC homebrew, maybe this is a good place to start? I have quite some experience with PSPs, just not with the PSP homebrew SDK (nor the DC one for that matter).

What do you say Indiket? Is this a good place to start? I'd try porting it to PC first, since I only have a SD adapter to run homebrew in my DC. Then I'd like to get my hands dirty with the PVR stuff :)

Edit: I'm argentinian, so you can reply in spanish if you want :P
Hi merkoth, and welcome to Dreamcast.es!!!

Although dreamcast.es is a good place to start homebrew, I recommend you to visit dcemulation.org. They have lots of years dealing with DC programming skills (and sometimes I also post there).

Porting to PC would be fantastic, but you have to take in care of which libraries are already ported to DC.

KOS (Dreamcast SDK) can compile in C or C++. SDL 1.2.13 and Allegro 4.2 run quite well. About 3D, OpenGL support is partial (KGLX) and bad (so, it's always better in PVR).

Oh, and remember: 16MB is the limit of RAM in Dreamcast :D
Wow, I thought dcemulation was dead? Thanks for the info, I'll look into it. And yes, 16 Mb is very little memory, even a PSP-1000 offers more than that (24 MB - pbp size IIRC).

Edit: I checked out the code and made a quick analysis of the codebase and it's very impressive (very!). I don't bring good news, though.

Despite what Indiket said, this wouldn't be an easy port. Lamecraft itself isn't all that complex, but it seems to be using an engine of sorts called Aurora, a PSP-specific math library called libpspmath, a noise library called noisepp, and even a pthreads port. Let me dissect this:

* Aurora is a nice piece of kit, seriously. Unfortunately, it isn't just a helper library to put some polys on screen, it's actually a fairly good engine that provides state and scene management, threading system and even settings / savegame support using PSP utility modules. As nice as it is, it's almost completely PSP-centric and doesn't seem to have abstraction layers to add more platforms. I mean, it can be ported, but it'll take quite some work.

* libpspmath. This is a comprehensive math library that makes extensive use of the PSP VFPU. For those who don't know, the PSP VFPU (Vertex Float Processing Unit) can't be programmed using C++ or even plain C like the DC's AICA chip. So libpspmath consists of a few thousands lines of VFPU assembly code that would need to be reimplemented to target the SH-4. The SH-4 includes a very fast vector processing unit too, but this will also take quite some work.

* noisepp. This doesn't seem all that difficult to port, since it only makes use of math functions. It probably depends on libpspmath, but I didn't check much of this lib.

* pthreads. I might be wrong, but I don't think this lib has a DC port besides the NetBSD port for DC. I'm not sure if this is really needed, since the PSP should have its own threading libraries, very different from POSIX threads.

Lamecraft itself isn't all that complex, but IMHO porting all the other stuff would take much more time than creating your own Minecraft-like game for the DC. This is just pure speculation on my part, but I'd take comething like CubicVR (http://www.cubicvr.org/) and maybe use Lamecraft as a reference to make a Minecraft clone.

Please note that this is just a quick analysis and that I could be completely wrong. One thing's for sure, I'm not a bad enough dude to tackle this :P
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