Engine del juego Quake para Windows y Sega Dreamcast.
Autor: Indiket
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Category: Quake
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Publisher's Description
This is the Makaqu engine, a modified Quake engine for PC and Sega Dreamcast.

Aside from the Dreamcast-specific features, like VMU support, it is identical to the PC version of Makaqu. The source code is the same for both the PC and Dreamcast versions.

This is a software-renderer-only engine. There are several great hardware-accelerated engines out there, and I wanted to try making a good software-based one.
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Información de descarga
Versión: 1.5.2
Total Descargas: 975 descargas
Fecha de publicación: 05/11/2018 05:54

Licencia: Open Source
Sistema operativo: KOS
Derechos de autor: No disponible

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