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Las copias de pre-producción (llamadas vulgarmente white label) se enviaban a revistas y tiendas para que probaran los juegos y les dieran publicidad.

Dragons of Rage EX

Original "Dragons of Rage" mod by Kingherb.

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Tamaño del archivo: 60MB

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OpenBor 3
Total Descargas:
2050 descargas
Fecha de publicación:
30/05/2010 21:22

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Revisión completa del editor

Original "Dragons of Rage" mod by Kingherb, who has given permission to edit/update it. See changelist.txt for all changes made.

***NOTE***: Due to changes in the gameplay style, loading times have increased. Do not be surprised if it takes at least 60 seconds to load the mod after selecting it.

~Game Modes~

-Original Mode-
The original levels from Dragons of Rage, untouched.

-EX Mode-
Generally harder version of Original Mode. Enemy spawns increased significantly and boss health doubled, both to compensate for updated gameplay.


The following is a list of changes from the original "Dragons of Rage", made by Kingherb. All edits by NickyP.

~General Changes~
-Added "gfxshadow" to all enemies and non-original DOR characters, to match with the DOR characters shadows.
-Added EX Mode
-Updated Character Profile animation
-Updated ending animation
-Updated logo animation
-Fixed various offset/bbox/attackbox problems
-Added seperate hitflash and sound for non-bladed attacks
-Title screen and character select screen altered
-Possibly added "fastattack 1" to some attacks, as of writing I can't remember
-Timer taken out of all levels
-Lives set to 5, credits set to 6; "noshare" and "nosame" are also enabled
-"Versusdamage" set to 0; no hurting fellow players
-"Colourselect" enabled; press up or down in the character select screen to scroll through alternative colors
-"Maxfreespecials" set to 25, to allow the new gameplay system; initial loading time increased as a result

-Added 2 guest characters
-Original DOR characters walking speed increased
-Original DOR characters upscaled 10% with "drawmethod" command, so now they're the same size as most enemies
-Grabs replaced with auto-attacks; characters perform their original grabattacks immediatley when they grab an opponent. Characters can still throw.
-Original BOR combo style replaced with cancel style; you do not need to land an attack to continue the string
-Characters can perform their freespecials by pressing the Special button mid-combo
-Kagetsura and Falcon's freespecial made faster
-Break away attacks (Special button) now consumes 50 mp, instead of 6 health
-"Jumpattack2" somewhat removed; continue to press the attack button in the air to use both jumpattacks

-Along with items, enemies have no icons and "nolife 1" applied
-All enemies can be juggled

La derscarga ha sido probada con OpenBOR 3 build 2793 y funciona perfectamente.

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