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XU4 es un remake del juego Ultima IV, para que sea portable en multitud de sistemas.
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XU4 es un remake del juego Ultima IV, para que sea portable en multitud de sistemas.

IAN Michael hizo este port funcional para Dreamcast, usando KOS y SDL. [b]Es una versión antigua (0.5), del 2003.[/b] La descarga no incluye código fuente, y además añade el juego original Ultima IV, y su expansión con gráficos VGA (inclumpiendo la GPL...).

Añade soporte para guardar la partida en la VMU (puerto A1), y un [i]cutre [/i]VMU LCD logo...

[b]Ah!! Necesitaréis un teclado para poderlo jugar![/b]


New in v1.0beta4
- many bug fixes
- text colorization
- enchanced line-of-sight algorithm
- more sound effects
- support for multiple profiles/saved games
- the traditional title sequence was implemented
- tracker-based music files have been generated to replace the midi
- spell/combat animations and sound effect timings have been tweaked
- dungeon rendering improved
- tile stacks and effects display transparencies

New in v1.0beta3
- more bug fixes
- stability improvements
- lots more changes under the hood

New in v1.0beta1
- lots of fixes for dungeons and combat
- now fully playable from start to finish
- stability improvements
- lots of changes under the hood: xu4 is now written in C++, new
vendor scripting system

New in v0.9
- dungeon altars and codex sequence (the game is now completeable)
- added context-sensitive default action to "Enter" key
- completed first person dungeon view
- sounds effects
- a few crasher bugs from 0.8 are now fixed
- as usual, lots of bugs fixes and code reorganization

New in v0.8
- dungeon rooms
- first person view in dungeons
- improved config menus
- config menu navigation with arrow keys
- can now switch between VGA/EGA versions of the game
- ranged monster attacks
- implemented hole up & camp command
- implemented inn ghost
- xu4 can now load the Ultima IV data files straight out of
ultima4.zip and u4upgrad.zip
- all music can be previewed at the intro screen with the number keys
- many spells now work: awaken, blink, cure, dispel, gate, heal,
light, negate, tremor, resurrect, xit
- The bell, book, candle and skull now work
- better error reporting under MacOS X
- bug fixes galore
- lots of code cleanup

New in v0.7
- ranged combat
- long responses now pause before scrolling off screen
- the telescope in the Lycaeum now works
- the silver horn now works
- monsters now initiate combat
- wind now influences ship movement
- fields, lava and poison now work in combat
- added player highlighting in stats display during combat
- added options to filter move messages and automatically open doors
- certain people now "turn away" in conversations
- lots more bugs squashed

New in v0.6
- many bug fixes
- lots of code reorganization
- better pathfinding code
- all vendors, healers, taverns and inns now work

New in v0.5
- lots of combat refinements, random monsters
- lots of fixes to vendor code (weapon, armor and food fully
- Lord British nows heals party when asked about health
- "Mix Reagents" command works
- the "Yell" command now controls horse speed
- lots of the game mechanics that were guessed before now match the
original Ultima IV
- two new utility programs are provided for encoding and decoding the
graphics files used in the introduction (lzwenc & lzwdec)
- the usual bug fixes

New in v0.09:
- first go at combat; still need to figure out true U4
combat algorithms
- food vendors now work and buggy weapons/armor vendors are fixed
- AdvanceMAME scaler (now the default), handles x2, x3, x4
- configuration menu at startup, settings saved in .xu4rc file
- drops frames when needed to better handle slow computers or X displays
- lots of code cleanup and bug fixes

New in v0.08:
- 2xSaI scaler (now the default)
- fullscreen mode (-f on the command line)
- skip intro mode (-i on the command line)
- shrines and meditation, more actions affect karma
- sleep fields and poison now work
- if the party dies, they are now resurrected by Lord British
- spell casting improvements: Awaken, Cure, Heal, Dispel, Resurrect work

New in v0.07:
- items searchable (runes, white & black stones, bell, book, candle,
- city residents now move and have animated tiles
- gem viewing (tiles aren't quite right)
- getting chests
- some actions now affect your virtues (stealing chests, talking to
hawkwind, finding runes and stones)
- companions will now join the party if asked
- added filtering to the scaled images, like exult (2xBilinear only,
for now); the -scale parameter now accepts a number or "2xBi" for
filtered scaling (2 is still the default, 2xBi looks bad without
the VGA upgrade)
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Información de descarga
Versión: 0.5
Total Descargas: 566 descargas
Fecha de publicación: 18/05/2014 13:27

Licencia: GPL
Sistema operativo: KOS
Derechos de autor: No disponible

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