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¿Que le impide a la gente conectar su Dreamcast online?

-No tengo DreamPi, pero quisiera uno.
-No tengo DreamPi, pero quisiera uno.
45% [50 Votos]

-Tengo RaspberryPi, pero no el resto...
-Tengo RaspberryPi, pero no el resto...
12% [13 Votos]

-No dispongo de teléfono fijo.
-No dispongo de teléfono fijo.
5% [6 Votos]

-No dispongo de internet.
-No dispongo de internet.
1% [1 Voto]

-No dispongo de tiempo.
-No dispongo de tiempo.
5% [5 Votos]

-Solo dispongo de BBA.
-Solo dispongo de BBA.
2% [2 Votos]

-Falta de interés en los juegos actuales online.
-Falta de interés en los juegos actuales online.
7% [8 Votos]

-Falta de información en general/Felíz jugando solo :-)
-Falta de información en general/Felíz jugando solo :-)
23% [25 Votos]

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MadriDC (DCiberia - IberDC) Participa en RetroMadrid (MadridSX) desde 2005.

Descargas: GDROM Explorer

Nº Descargas > Herramientas PC > GDROM Explorer

GDROM Explorer 1.6.3

GDROM Explorer es un pequeño programa para Windows que sirve para abrir los ficheros GDI y extraer la información de ellos. Funciona tanto para imágenes NAOMI como de DREAMCAST.

Dentro del readme.txt está la lista completa de los cambios.

- Fixed: Drag and drop for file extraction (missing flag in the release build).
- Fixed: UI messages and typos.
- Fixed: Unable to open some CDI v3.5 files.
- Fixed: Horizontal scrolling in the file explorer.
- Fixed: IP.BIN TOC viewer does not display the right LBAs and sizes.
- Fixed: Cannot open any files when the app is in a network shared folder.
- Added: NAOMI binary encryption (for those that would like to test hacks).
- Added: Export GDI for GDEMU, with region-free and VGA patches (and also EDC/ECC data re-generation).
- Added: Edit menu to see possible user actions for a selection.
- Added: GDI track checks to ensure tracks are continuous and do not overlap.
- Improved: UI responsiveness when opening folders with hundreds of files.
- Cleanup: UI code.

- Fixed: ¨No valid file-system found" error.
- Fixed: Some Naomi images are detected as Dreamcast images.
- Fixed: Weird behaviour when clicking on + and - in the tree.

- Added: a nice IP.BIN viewer (game settings, images, libraries and a lot more).
- Added: Primary Volume Descriptor viewer.
- Added: MR image conversion and extraction.
- Added: File extraction via Drag'n Drop operation.
- Added: Status bar to show the program last event.
- Added: Padus DiscJuggler image (.CDI) support.
- Added: Disc track extraction.
- Added: Settings menu for mostly the file associations.
- Added: Auto-load NAOMI DES key
- Fixed: IP.BIN parsing errors.
- Fixed: Progress bar flickering.
- Fixed: Support data/data images.
- Fixed: Memory leakages.
- Fixed: Typos here and there
- Improved: UI colors, remove and add some icons.
- Improved: Try reading image even if IP.BIN missing.
- Improved: Error handling for non-compliant images.
- Improved: Explicit error messages upon IP.BIN parsing errors.
- Improved: Code robustness.
- Testing: Add unit tests for IP.BIN parsing.

Necesitaréis .NET 3.5 instalado en vuestro PC.
Sitio Web
Sitio Web
March 03 2016 13:44:48
Descargar 2685
Versión: 1.6.3
S/O: Windows

#1 | Jorgespartan el May 01 2010 19:39:42
que buena herramienta gracias
#2 | tr909 el October 27 2013 10:24:49
Una superherramienta!! Muchas gracias
#3 | jc el September 09 2014 11:46:53
Could you please rename it to "GDROM Explorer"? By the way, the version 1.6.2 is out with special features for GDEMU.
#4 | Indiket el October 19 2015 08:46:02
@jc: name changed, and thanks for the news!! smile

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